Albuquerque Folk Festival: Snor T. Horse

The Albuquerque Folk Festival proved to be a fantastic adventure for Snor T. Horse in 2018.  A very special thanks to all the great people who got us there (our beloved Erica Lipman).  The crowd was great, the volunteers were fantastic, the weather was WINDY but so lovely.  Friday night before the festival, we had the honor of performing for the dedication of the Gary Libman Memorial Amphitheater.  It was an emotional and wonderful evening surrounded by our musical family. We especially want to thank Peter and Trylla Esherick for hosting us in their beautiful home. 

Pictured here are a few of our favorite photos from that weekend. All photos are courtesy of Peter Esherick.

                                       Snor T. Horse at the Gary Libman Memorial Amphitheater dedication              


                                    Snor T. Horse is: Cathy Barton, Dave Para, Mike Fraser and Tenley Hansen


                                     Snor T. Horse Albuquerque Folk Festival 2018                   



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