Cathy Barton Para

On April 17th, 2019 our beloved friend and bandmate Cathy Barton passed away peacefully at home with her family at her side.  It's been almost two years since her passing and I haven't had the will to write this on our website.  I can't add any more to the tributes to Cathy, but I can tell you we still miss her, we still think about her, we play music in her memory, we practice, we perform, we laugh through tears when we remember all the good times we shared.  We cry when we hear songs that remind us of her precious voice and talent. We are forever grateful that we got to perform with Cathy and Dave as Snor T. Horse.  This photo was taken by our dear friend Peter Esherick while Cathy was performing with Snor T. Horse at the Albuquerque Folk Festival.  Cathy changed our lives forever because she believed in us.  We will always be grateful for her life, her music, and her laughter.  Blessings, Tenley

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