Photo taken by Elise Hubbard

Photo taken by Elise Hubbard

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Ozark Public Radio:  Sense of Community Series  by Mike Smith interviewed folks from the Ozark Heritage Festival.  In this audio piece, fiddler Michael Fraser and festival organizer Kathleen Morrissey has some thoughtful insights on old time music in the Ozarks and this treasure of a festival!

Listen to the KSMU interview now by clicking here.

Welcome to Shortleaf
Shortleaf is a duet (Michael Fraser and Tenley Hansen) from Missouri with strong ties to the traditions of the Ozarks. Founded by Ozark fiddler Michael Fraser, Shortleaf specializes in high-energy music rooted in celtic and old time traditions. Haunting ballads, rip roaring fiddle tunes with a dose of southern rock will provide an evening of what one may describe as "the real Mountain Music"!
To Book Shortleaf or Snor T. Horse
To book Shortleaf or Snor T. Horse please contact or call Michael Fraser at 816-421-8082.

Lil Black River Cafe 

We had a lovely time at the Lil Black River Cafe in Grandin, Mo.  This was our fourth time to play there.  The food is great.  They specialize in seafood, being transplants from sunny Florida.  Here is their latest post in FB regarding Shortleaf Band.

"Wow. What a fantastic evening we all had. Thank you Shortleaf Band for your sweet music last evening during dinner. It was enjoyed by all. See you soon"

25th Anniversary of the Big Muddy Festival in Boonville was a Smash Hit! 

Well, not to over state things, but we really had such a great time playing at the Big Muddy Folk Festival this year.  The workshops, the jamming, the Bar b Que, the friendship, the MUSIC!  Wow, so many good times were had.  A special thank you to Dave Para and Cathy Barton for joining Mike and Tenley on Saturday night to form the crazy group, Snor T Horse.  Our dear friend Peter Esherick  of Albuquerque, NM, took this picture from the balcony.  Don't miss this festival next year!